Thursday, November 15, 2012

Au Pain Quotidien

There is nothing like a warm breakfast at a cozy bakery. And that's exactly what you will find at Au Pain Quotidien.

Métro: Tuileries (ligne 1)
Address: 18, place du Marché St. Honoré

 They are also open for brunch and lunch and have multiple locations. I went to the one at Marché St. Honoré, just a few steps away from the Louvres.

 They use organic flour and you can sure taste the difference. I actually ordered a waffle with a fresh fruit compote and I have to say I did not have time to take a picture it was so good.

They have a couple small tables (2 people) but mostly those long tables where you can seat by total strangers but depart with new friends. I will definitely go again.


  1. I've seen that here. It's probably not QUITE the same . . . =)

  2. Merci pour l'adresse! On ira faire un tour la prochaine fois qu'on est a Paris!!


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