Thursday, November 15, 2012

Au Pain Quotidien

There is nothing like a warm breakfast at a cozy bakery. And that's exactly what you will find at Au Pain Quotidien.

Métro: Tuileries (ligne 1)
Address: 18, place du Marché St. Honoré

 They are also open for brunch and lunch and have multiple locations. I went to the one at Marché St. Honoré, just a few steps away from the Louvres.

 They use organic flour and you can sure taste the difference. I actually ordered a waffle with a fresh fruit compote and I have to say I did not have time to take a picture it was so good.

They have a couple small tables (2 people) but mostly those long tables where you can seat by total strangers but depart with new friends. I will definitely go again.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012


An expression away keeps the troubles away! There is French and there is spoken French. Not the French you find in books or learn in class. So just to be sure you don't get in a sticky situation, we'll share a few expressions from time to time.

C'est un truc de malades!
Literal translation: it's something from the sick
What it really means: it's crazy as in it's really cool, unbelievable, extraordinary.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Water Fountains

As I was waiting for Scott by the bathroom of the mall, I saw this enormous British lady making her way out of the ladies room who exclaimed: "Oh MY, a water fountain!" to which I turned my head in shock and awe to witness the lost treasure that we miss so much: a real FREE water fountain, probably the only one in France.

Admire the beauty! Yes, France is glam but man, there is no water fountains around! So please always plan on bringing a bottle of water with you if you do not want to die of dehydration.

Addendum: some parks do have free water which look like this but you have to crawl on the floor and fight with the dog to drink out of it.

Friday, October 26, 2012

So Ouest

I about pied my pants when I heard Marks and Spencer was opening its biggest store yet in Europe just steps away from my home. When I said steps away I meant 1 hour walk but hey I got to save every penny so I can spend it there! So Ouest is the mall where all of it happens and it's got class!

Métro: Louise Michel (ligne 3)
Arrondissement: 17-Levallois
Address:31 rue d'Alsace - 92300 Levallois
Website :

Okay I confessed, I could spend hours there...Food, clothes, home décor aka Paradise on earth!

 It's also got the first Lego store of France!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Rue Mouffetard

 There's nothing like walking around and enjoying what Paris is all about: the small hidden streets. The French are well known for their boutiques and specialty shops and I just love it. Where else can you find a store that only sells cheese? I'm all about cheese! That's why you need to walk rue Mouffetard and just "lick the windows" as the French say of window shopping. Really, it should be called drool windows.

Métro: Censier-Daubenton (ligne 7)
Arrondissement: 5
Address: Rue Mouffetard

I just love the Italian shop

To infinity and beyond!

the café by the church.


Parc Gustave Eiffel

 What do you do in Paris when it rains? You go to the park of course! There's something magical about Paris under the rain. It's like ice cream covered with fudge and whipped cream. We truly enjoyed the Parc Gustave Eiffel even under the rain.

Métro: Louise Michel (ligne 3)
Arrondissement:  17-Levallois
Entry: Rue d'Alsace or Rue Jean Jaures

 You can almost picture yourself in the south of France (minus the sun)

 It's crazy how many blooming flowers there is, I find it amazing knowing that it is almost Halloween.

 There is also a spot for kids to play at and a basketball park.
 The park also has lots of educational boards teaching you about plants, flowers but also veggies! It's really playful!


Sunday, October 14, 2012


I love French food but sometime you just crave a good burrito and let's just say that it can be a treasure hunt in Paris to even find a Mexican restaurant. Luckily, we have found a really good and affordable place: Boca-Mexa.

Métro: Censier-Daubenton (ligne 7)
Arrondissement: 5
Address: 127 rue Mouffetard

The atmosphere is really unique and modern. You create your own food (like Cafe Rio but more authentic). They even have vegetarian options but I just had to have my beef burrito.

It's the first place I see that actually has black beans. They even sell a few items. It cost us less than 18 euros for the both of us including drinks and a big bottle of hot sauce to take home. I say YEAH! I will definitely go again.
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