Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Parc Gustave Eiffel

 What do you do in Paris when it rains? You go to the park of course! There's something magical about Paris under the rain. It's like ice cream covered with fudge and whipped cream. We truly enjoyed the Parc Gustave Eiffel even under the rain.

Métro: Louise Michel (ligne 3)
Arrondissement:  17-Levallois
Entry: Rue d'Alsace or Rue Jean Jaures

 You can almost picture yourself in the south of France (minus the sun)

 It's crazy how many blooming flowers there is, I find it amazing knowing that it is almost Halloween.

 There is also a spot for kids to play at and a basketball park.
 The park also has lots of educational boards teaching you about plants, flowers but also veggies! It's really playful!


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