Thursday, September 26, 2013

L'atelier de l'éclair

Métro: Sentier (Line 3) or Etienne Marcel (Line 4)
Address: 16 rue Bachaumont, 75002 Paris
Hours: everyday from 11:00 am to 8:00 pm
Cost: around 4.50 euros per éclair

Another pastry shop dedicated to éclairs! I was jumping up and down when I learned about L'atelier de l'éclair because I just adore its competitor l'éclair de génie.

The plus:

1/ a trendy tea room where you can enjoy your éclair.
2/ the choices: not only do they do sweet flavors but also savory ones like salmon and dill.
3/ the size: on a diet? no problem, you can order a bite size one (still 3.00 euros) or order their giant one for a party.
4/ you can order online including gift boxes

The not so good points:

I tasted the Mango-Passion bite sized one as well as the Raspberry one. I was a bit sad because it did not compare to the delicacy and subtility of its competitor l'éclair de génie.  And the staff was less than pleasant.

My thoughts: it's a fun concept and nice marketing but taste is everything so I am not so sure I will return. Let me know if you try a different flavor that was a killer!

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