Monday, March 3, 2014

Porte Saint Denis

Métro: Strasbourg-Saint-Denis ( Line 4, 8 or 9)
Address: Porte Saint Denis, 75010 Paris
Location: Corner of Bd Saint Denis and Rue du Faubourg Saint Denis
Cost: Free

I have to say that I grew up in Paris and I had no clue this was there. I was walking around looking for a restaurant that I've read about when suddenly, out of nowhere, I saw this gigantic door. For a second, I forgot where I was and thought that I must have walked to Rome!

Porte Saint-Denis is a triumphal arch built in 1672 by the architect François Blondel to the glory of Louis XIV. It was inspired by the arch of Titus. It represents the king leading his troops to victory in the Rhine and the region of Franche-Comté.

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  1. We will live for four days in the area at the end of May. A trip to Paris with the children, so that they don't forget that they are french!
    I will show them the "Porte St Denis". Thanks for the pictures!


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