Friday, October 31, 2014


Métro: Cluny La Sorbonne (line 10)
Address: 10 rue Dante, 75005 Paris
Hours: everyday from noon to midnight
Cost: 10 euros (Lunch deal: appetizer+main dish+drink)
Cash only. NO credit card

Passing by on the street, you might miss this tiny place and it was unsure that I pushed the door but then the magic happens! What a change of scenery! Am I still in Paris? It is the size of a matchbox but the atmosphere makes you want to dance between the rickety stools. There are only 15 of them but they are so colorful: red, yellow and bright green!  

It's always reassuring to me when I try a Mexican eatery and I mostly hear Spanish around me. Loving Mexican food so much I should probably start learning Spanish. And you can never go wrong when you see that it is a full house. It was a bit hard to find a stool to seat on. Yes, you have to find your own spot because it is a 2 men's show and between the kitchen and the service they do not have time to pick a place for your ego. So it's like "mi casa es tu casa"! And I love it!

Of course that also means that you need to be a little patient because one waitress/cook/cashier can only so much at a time. Another awesome feature for me: the grocery side! You can buy a big jar of chipotle (8 euros) or of serrano salsa (7.50 euros) for a hefty price but in Paris it is mission impossible to get those so you indulge! At least I did on the chipotle!

So, you're going to say: what about the food?! I took the lunch deal which is really what they say a deal or should I say a steal?! I started with a tamale, also a rare find in Paris. It was really plain. I was expecting more kick and spices. It was really good once I added some homemade spicy salsa found on the table.

It was followed by a burrito. It was okay. Not the best Mexican food I ever had in terms of flavors but for the price it was filling and a really fun experience with the music and decor. I would not recommend it for a romantic diner but as far as a fun lunch break goes it was just fine- like a fun little getaway.

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