Thursday, July 18, 2013

Canal St Martin

Métro: République (line 3, 5, 8, 9 or 11) - Jaurès ( line 2, 5 or 7bis)
Address: Quai Valmy / Quai de Jemmapes, 75010 Paris


Canal Saint Martin is a huge canal, 5km long. So I decided that this time I would only walk the portion located between station République to station Jaurès which is also known as Locks 7 an 8 of the Temple (it's kind of the middle portion of the canal).

Canal Saint Martin was actually ordered by law by Napoleon in order to bring drinkable water to Paris and improve the hygiene and medical condition of its inhabitants. Construction began in 1805 but was dropped a few years later for lack of funding. It was Louis XVIII which took over the project into completion.

On pictures, Canal St Martin is romantic and it is. But I have to give a fair warning that people go there in the evening to share a few drinks with their friends. Also the canal St Martin is also home for over 200 homeless. Personally, I never had problems but I was never there after 9pm either.

One of the emblems of this portion of the canal, the store Antoine & Lili. It's a clothing store (Women) located on 95 quai de Valmy. I adore the bold colours!

I love all the street art. You have lots of different styles, techniques and colors. I am not much for tagging but some of it is actually really cool.


A good way to enjoy the canal is also taking a cruise. I've never done it because I'm on a tight budget and you need to count at least 30-40 bucks per head but maybe one day when I win the lottery...

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