Thursday, June 20, 2013

Bercy Village

Métro:  Cour Saint-Émilion (line 14)
Address: Cour Saint-Emilion - 75012 Paris
Hours: everyday 11 am - 9 pm
Restaurants are opened until 2am.

 This is actually a place where the locals hang out. You will find very few tourists and yet, if you are a Parisian it feels so un-Paris to be there.

Bercy Village used to be a market specialized in Wine up until the 1960's where it was abandoned. In an effort to restore it, it was decided that it would become a shopping mall. I approve of this brilliant idea.

You will find boutiques for all your needs: cooking, decorating, design, clothes, sports as well as a giant bookstore (FNAC) and lots of cafés/restaurants. My favorite store is Oliviers & Co where you can find the best truffle oil and my husband could spend hours at Boardriders.

The "terrasses" (decks) are where people enjoy a drink in the shades of those fabulous buildings and it's really affordable (that's my favorite part). There is also a megacomplex movie theater. So it sounds like the perfect way to spend an afternoon: shopping, movie and a dinner.

They have loads of free activities for kids on Wednesday, week-ends and during school vacation. There's also free concerts and activities on most evenings (week-ends mostly). Check their website for details.

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