Friday, June 28, 2013


Métro: Saint-Paul (Line 1)
Address: 4 rue des rosiers, 75004 Paris
Hours: 10 am to 7:00 pm - Closed on Sunday

 Okay, okay, it's a Swedish brand but you will find that it's mostly Parisian women shopping there especially because "C'est les Soldes"! France has semi-annual sales. It's a huge deal here! Right now the Summer Collection is on sale to allow some room for the Winter Collection. You will find that most stores have huge deals ( up to 70% off by the end of the sales). So count on some long lines and angry women! Anyway coming back to COS, I love this brand. It's all about the cut. You will notice that in Paris most women wear neutral shades: black, grey and white with a tiny touch of color (especially this year with fashion). What matters is the cut! Gotta be super trendy and flattering. Can't go wrong with COS!


  1. tu t'es faufilée la nuit ou quoi????? moi qui j'y suis allée, je voyais à peine où je marchais tellement il y avait de monde!

  2. ah non on est allé en repérage AVANT les soldes!


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