Monday, June 24, 2013

Bouillon Racine

Métro:  Cluny-La Sorbonne (Line 10)
Address: 3, rue Racine - 75006 Paris
Hours: everyday noon - 11 pm

Founded in 1906, Bouillon Racine is one of the oldest restaurants in Paris. It is actually an historical monument. Be careful, there is actually 2 entrances to this building, one to a bar and one to Bouillon Racine (Right door). 

I love Art Nouveau Décors so I first decided to try out this place based on the décor alone. I felt like I went back in time. Aren't those the coolest floors ever!? Perfect setting for some traditional French cooking.

I chose the Daily Market Menu for lunch (Monday-Friday) at 15.50 euros which included an appetizer and a main course (or a main course and dessert). It was cold and so I thought soup would cheer me up.

I ordered the Cream of Carrot Soup and I about fell off my chair, it was soooo good. The best soup I have ever eaten and everyone knows we eat plenty of it. It was creamy and delicate. I would have bathed in it if I had been given the opportunity. The main course was alright (Duck with potatoes). I later learned that they are really well-known for their waffles so I feel it is my duty to go again for some soup and a waffle!

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  1. Best soup ever? A pretty high evaluation!


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