Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Parc de Bercy

Métro: Cour Saint Emilion (line 14)
Address: 128 quai de bercy 75012 Paris
Hours: everyday 8 am - 9:30 pm during summer
Cost: Free
Website: http://parcsetjardins.equipement.paris.fr/Parc_de_Bercy

Right across from Bercy village is the Parc de Bercy. It is probably one of my favorites in Paris because it's a people's park. Locals sun bathe on the lawn, read on a bench and kids are running around. There is a sweetness to it and it feels like Sunday's family gathering every day.

The park is composed of different sections so it's almost like visiting 20 parks in one. There is a maze, a veggie garden, pools, a wind garden, a fire garden, an aromatic garden and so on. You can't afford to miss a little corner of it!

I love seeing palm trees and the orange trees. It really makes me feel like I am on vacation.

In the beginning, this was a giant vineyard during Roman time, then under Louis XIV, it also became a huge wine cellar and market. You may be able to see the rails which were used by trains to transport the wine. Ah French people and their wines, it is truly a love affair.

"La maison du Jardinage" used to be the Tax office (well, got to tax the wine of course) but is now a place where you can take gardening classes on the week-end.

The park is so big that it is divided in sections. To reach another section, just use the bridges but be super super careful, those steps are slippery and uneven. I almost fell 3 times.

There is still a vineyard which they still harvest in the fall. What I really loved was all the daisies around it. I wanted to roll myself in them but I don't think the guard thought it was a good idea.

After a fun afternoon in the park, you can just cross over to Bercy Village for a treat!

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  1. thanks for sharing! I like it too. But I almost went there only on cloudy or rainy days, running to the theatre from work (near BNF). So it's a change for me to see it so lively! I will have to go there with the kids this week. biz


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