Thursday, June 20, 2013


 The Saint-Jean's gate

Transilien:  Provins (leaving from Gare de l'Est)
Bus Services: Link
Address: 77 482 Provins
Cost: Free- 11 euros

                                                           11th-14th century ramparts
Provins is a medieval city just a few miles away from Paris. From the train station, there is a few buses to take you up to the old town but we decided to walk (a bit steep but just a 15 minutes walk) and enjoy the lower town as well. We went there in February and although we had mostly blue sky, the strong winds were a killer. The nice thing about going off season is that there is no one there! I remember going in the midst of summer and it was, well, a touristy place. However during summer season, you can all the cool medieval Shows.

You can walk around for free which we usually do but this time we took the museum pass and it was way cool. The pass is about 11 euros. However they have a family pass for 33 euros so if you have a big family, that's an awesome deal. It allows you to visit all the museums and monuments.

                                                        9th-12th  century Caesar's Tower 
 With your pass you can visit the tower. It was the watchtower and the prison. It's pretty bare inside but the view is spectacular. If you decide to go all the way up in the bell tower, make sure you are not claustrophobic because those are the tiniest and most uneven stairs.

                                                    11 th century Saint-Quiriace Church


                                                      11th century  Saint-Ayoul Church

Provins was a powerful and influential city in the Middle Ages, mostly due to its trading and markets. Merchants from all over France and even Europe (Italy and Netherlands) would come the sell and buy products making it one of the richest towns in France at the time.

                                                  16th century Notre-Dame-du-Val Tower

This tower is the only remains from Notre-Dame Church which was mostly destroyed during the French Revolution.

We had such a blast there. Lots of walking but we enjoyed every minute of it. Don't forget to visit the underground tunnels especially if you like the Francs-Maçons.

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